About Spiritual Activism

Spiritual activism is about tapping into the wellspring of spiritual power within us bringing our whole selves into our work as activists. It’s about radical self-love which is about the willingness to connect fully with our minds, hearts and bodies. This way, we can be more present with our lives and engage the world with our whole selves.

Spiritual activism is for three kinds of people:

1 – Those who already consider themselves activists and want new tools to work with the weight of emotions like anger or depression which tend to arise when we fight for a more balanced world.

2- Those who already have strong spiritual practices, but want to step out and engage with the world more, with conscious awareness, sanity, and groundedness. 

3 – Those who want to engage inwardly around topics of race, gender, sexuality, class, able-ism, which is a necessary part of all activist work.

Deep meaningful activism naturally works in tandem with spiritual practice. Both feed the other – our spiritual paths deepen as we engage the world more meaningfully, and our activism sharpens and fills with heart when we apply our spiritual understanding. Spiritual activism is about bringing these two elements together consciously and with support.