About Aarti

Aarti Tejuja is multi-faceted dynamic leader, event planner, mentor, mindfulness instructor and innovator with 15+ years of experience in coaching people of all ages, races, and socio-economic backgrounds. Throughout Aarti’s career, she has developed and implemented programs, formed thousands of relationships, and co-planned over 50 events.

Aarti was an IT professional for 10+ years. Her passion was most felt when she was mentoring others and this fueled her desire to help others even more. In 2009, Aarti took her skills to the spiritual non-profit sector, eventually becoming the first Social Engagement Director for the Chicago Shambhala Meditation Center. It was here that Aarti found her calling; to live out her spiritual path in action. During her time, she created safe spaces for youth in underserved communities, taught mindfulness and related tools to organizations and individuals, and encouraged people to live mindfully and give back to society.

In 2017, Aarti was asked to be the Director of Social Engagement for all of Shambhala International. Through a community organizing approach, she brought together a team of over 50 volunteers from around the globe to assist in helping Shambhala Centers shift the community’s insular culture to a more outward, engaged approach. She assisted and encouraged Shambhala communities to lean into their cities and towns and find spaces to offer Shambhala’s ancient tools and wisdom so that the current modern world can benefit from and emerge as a more mindful, caring society.

Aarti has served in a variety of roles with a diverse array of groups. She has managed youth programs, served on the boards of non-profits Restored Hope, who advocate for underserved women & children, as well as Arrow Collective, and participated in interfaith dialogues. In 2015, Pope Francis invited her to participate in a Buddhist Catholic dialogue in Rome. She has successfully co-led 2 youth summits and 3 large mindfulness conferences created collaboratively with non-profits and interfaith groups.

Aarti lives with her husband Matt and kitties Mochi, Fiona and Buttercup.