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How to Get off the “Me Plan” Without Forgetting About “Me” : A Guide for Helping Others while Maintaining Healthy Boundaries.

Helping others is often considered to be altruistic. Every major religion in the world says that we should do it. Science says that it produces positive feelings. Other people are often moved when they come across someone willing to help others. There are people who seem more prone to do for others, and there are...

Living With an Undiagnosed Partner

On June of 2017, I got a phone call from Matt’s workplace telling me my husband had been taken to the ER and I should go there immediately. He had fallen at work. I went into action mode and hightailed it to the closest hospital near his workplace. Upon arrival he was conscious and they...

Dear Shambhala Sangha:

My paid position as the Director of the Shambhala Office of Social Engagement (SOSE) officially came to an end on Dec 31, 2018. It was a rich few years creating and then growing this office. It has been a pleasure to serve you. SOSE grew to include so many amazing humans from all over the...