Shambhala Peace Warrior Program for Non-Profits, Activists, and Educators

The Shambhala Peace Warrior Program is a mindfulness meditation, deep listening and warrior-ship training program designed for those working in non-profits, community activist settings and those working in education. Mindfulness meditation, Warriorship tools, deep listening, and compassion practices are taught in a gentle format within a 6 week series that meets weekly for 2 hours, and concludes with a 2-day retreat. Sessions are spent learning how to meditate and other related practices, discussions, talks, and readings about how these practices can help and apply to the work we’re doing. Retreat time will allow for the ability to further deepen in the practices learned during the 6 weeks. 

Mindfulness, compassion practices, deep listening and Warrior-ship training can build resilience, heal trauma, and offer deep self care for those who are already doing difficult work. Staying sane and caring for oneself in the face of insurmountable systems of oppression is critical in continuing to do this work. Join us as we tap into our own inner wisdom, discover our own habitual patterns, and find strength in a community of like-minded people.

We are proud to announce that we have received the Lenz Foundation Grant. which will enable Spiritual Activism to partner with and offer this program to two entities: UCAN, a non-profit that caters to working with youth that are encountering trauma, and Albizo Campos High School’s care team, a group of care workers from several non-profits.

We are currently raising additional funds to offer the Peace Warrior program to more schools and organizations.