Workshops and Offerings

Stepping Out and Stepping In: The Importance of Meditators Becoming Activists & Activists Becoming Meditators
When: Recording Available Anytime (Live, Feb 20, 2019)
Where: Shambhala Online
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Cost: $8-$15

Reclaiming the Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine

When: Recording available anytime.

Where: Weekly Dharma Gathering. Register Here

All of us have both feminine and masculine energies. In modern times, the feminine has been devalued, abused, ridiculed and smothered while masculinity has become glorified. Our society has dictated that one is more valuable than the other, creating an imbalance in ourselves and in our world. The result is that none of us are able to express our full humanity. Whether we identify as male, female, or gender fluid, this devaluing of the sacred feminine inflicts pain, suffering and illness for all of us.

Weekly Meditation at Haji Healing Salon
When: Wednesday Evenings from 7-8:00pm
Where: Haji Healing Salon at 746 E 79th St
Chatham Neighborhood, Chicago
Suggested Donation: $10


⁃ Aug 7: Why Should We Meditate?

Explore how meditation practice can be integrated in our everyday lives. What are the benefits that we can gain from a regular meditation practice?

⁃ Aug 14: How can we use our Meditation Practice in our Relationships?

We often think about our meditation practice as a solo activity. But meditation can also help us to enhance our relationships. Learn more about deep listening, creating sacred space for others and more as we begin to look deeper into how our practice can benefit those around us.

⁃ Aug 21: How can Meditation Help with Depression & Anxiety

Many people struggle with depression, anxiety, or both. Did you know that a regular meditation practice can often help us work with these difficult states of mind? In this session we will explore the ways that our practice can help to work with the challenges of complex emotions.

⁃ Aug 28: How to Love when you don’t Like Someone: Exploring Metta and Loving Kindness Practice

Difficult people exist in most of our lives. How can we cope with them without losing our cool and giving into the negativity? Join us as we explore the popular practice of Tonglen and explore the ways in which we can learn to care about all our fellow humans, even the ones that drive us crazy.

⁃ Sept 4: The Power of Community

Meditation is sometimes thought of a practice done in isolation. But the power of practicing in a community cannot be diminished. Community is a force that connects us all. We will explore all the ways that community offers us power, resilience and care.

⁃ Sept 11: Special Guest Sojourner Zenobia – Topic TBA

⁃ Sept 18: Working with Difficult Emotions

As human beings we live in a world of emotions. But when intense anger, sadness, jealousy, and any complex emotion arises, how can we work with it before we take actions that we regret later?

⁃ Sept 25: Exploring the Sacred Feminine

As humans, we each have both feminine and masculine energy. But our world has placed less value on the Feminine and has placed so much emphasis on the masculine, which has resulted in a toxically masculine society. The sacred feminine has been cast aside, sometimes thought of as weak or unimportant. How can we begin to value the feminine in ourselves and the feminine in our wider world so that we become a more balanced society?

Shambhala Peace Warrior Program for Non-Profits, Activists, and Educators
Dates: Biweekly on Mondays beginning April 1
Cost: $150; Free for those who qualify. Free for UCAN employees.
Location: UCAN Chicago
Contact Aarti Tejuja to learn more about discounted and free tuition for this class